Our objectives

IMHSA will work constructively with central and local government to ensure that policy and funding decisions continuously support our vision for the future of mental health provision. We will also actively seek to raise the profile of the independent sector, emphasising the benefits of the high quality, innovative and personalised provision we deliver. As a forum, we will aim to meet our key objectives through the following:

  • We will promote a better understanding of the number of people with mental health problems, defining the full range of services we offer which are required to efficiently meet their needs.
  • We will promote alternative and inventive mechanisms to improve the fragmented funding system and make it work better for people with mental health problems.
  • We will actively support a level playing field between private, state and foundation trust provision, and encourage better relationships with commissioners.
  • We seek to promote a better understanding among decision-makers and commissioners of the long-term cost savings that can be achieved through high quality mental health services such as those that IMHSA members provide. Improved commissioning services can harness the involvement of the independent sector and promote choice and diversity of provision.
  • We will aim to ensure that the recent changes to the Care Quality Commission enable it to be a robust and consistent regulator. We are proud of the high quality of our services and welcome the role of the Care Quality Commission in assuring standards.
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